Lost and found (nearly)

We recently received the email below from Andrea Lewis who found her brother on the Folkestonomy website. Unfotunately we could not help as not everyone left their contact details with us. But maybe - just maybe someone happens to see this who can help join the dots in which case please contact us here.
"Hi hope you can help me, i was looking through your tags, and found a photo of my brother, which i have not seen for 20yrs, he moved to folkestone many years ago. so i have been searching the internet for him, his name is Adrian Bowen, and i was put on to your site, after putting his name in the computer, he is my twin brother and we will be 50 next month, the tag was tken last june 08. I would be very happy if you had any details on him, if not thanks any way, i know he is well by looking at the picture, and he is still in folkestone, so thank you again my search goes on take care Andrea."

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