Added - 'Add Ons'

Mixed Feelings - new add ons
Mixed Feelings - new add ons

First set of additional add ons. Initially just written onto the signs before we design an icon and register them in the data base. Some 'add ons' are just one of and we use a whiteboard marker, others stay permanently.

Going to print ...

The first batch of images goes off to the printer...
The first batch of images goes off to the printer...

Finally the first set of icons goes to the printer - every square inch of self adhesive foil counts.
Happy cutting ..... and sticking.

Most of the icons are directly based on street signs from the amazing collection of the department of transport web-site from which you can download endless variations of street sign specifications.

The bigger signs will store the smaller 'add-on' signs. The large icons give a clue about a basic categorisation of spaces or interests which we will form part of the mapping. Open spaces, leisure spaces, historic spaces, etc etc ... (can you guess??)

The smaller 'add-on' signs will be used by participants to tell a mini narrative about their relation with the Folkestone Triennial .... more about this later.


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