Mapping your Stories

work in progress, aligning the maps. Not all maps are equal ... and some maps are less equal than others.
work in progress, aligning the maps. Not all maps are equal ... and some maps are less equal than others.

I've just uploaded our first set of visual maps to the site... a map is now generated for each of your Stories... here is my story. Simple, isn't it?

(By the way, if you can't see the map you probably need to install the latest version of Flash Player. It's freee, and it will only take a minute or two)

At the top of the map you can see my 'portrait': which shows who I am, where I'm from, and what I do.

Across the map are spread the locations in Folkestone I have a connection with. Or in my case the Location - the Folkestonomy Float (I admit, I have more connections than this, but Andreas was hurrying me back to London, and I got flustered doing my mapping...).

On the bottom right are the 'reasons' that people connect to their stories. Some of these are connected to locations, and some are not connected to locations. You can identify which story an item is in by it's colour.

So there you go, have a look, and see what you think.

In the coming weeks we'll be adding more maps onto the site, which show different sets of connections, which will allow you to see how folkestone, and the triennial, are connected out into the rest of the world, and how the spaces we've identified within folkestone are connected to each other (other than by roads and pavement...)

At the moment we are cleaning up a lot of the data we've gathered. Due to the larger than expected number of failures of our 'add-ons'* we've had problems with data being getting corrupted upon import, and so we're going through looking at all of your story photos and making sure the stories we have are correct, and trying to tie up any missing photographs to the stories... but pleae let us know if you spot any problems with your stories.

*word of advice, don't use cheap 1/4" jack plugs!


Folkestone Triennial recording of visitor numbers
Folkestone Triennial recording of visitor numbers

In the end some things will always be done by pen and paper ....

Added - 'Add Ons'

Mixed Feelings - new add ons
Mixed Feelings - new add ons

First set of additional add ons. Initially just written onto the signs before we design an icon and register them in the data base. Some 'add ons' are just one of and we use a whiteboard marker, others stay permanently.

FOLKESTONOMY is going on site, Friday 13 June 2008

Some of the tags used for the mapping
Some of the tags used for the mapping

The FOLKESTONOMY mobile, equipped with special road sings, tags, software and some friendly faces who will be able to explain what it's all about, is hitting the roads of Folkestone.
Tomorrow, Friday 13 June at 11.00 for the press launch of the Folkestone Triennial, and
on Saturday 14 June for the opening to the public, from 12.00 - 17.00.

From the on we will be on the road, mapping everyday cultural spaces and networks, until 14 September 2008.
The FOLKESTONOMY mobile will be open from 12.00 - 17.00 every day, and rotate between following seven locations in Folkestone:
- West end The Leas
- In front of Debenhams
- Entrance Lower Leas Park
- In front of Pelosis
- Eastcliff Pavillion
- Radnor Park
- Fishmarket

To contact us and find out where we are on the day, call or text 07950 3592620

For general information about Folstone Triennial opening times and locations click Link


FOLKESTONOMY: a pilot project

FOLKESTONOMY is a pilot project in development and why it could and should be continue beyond the first Folkestone Triennial.

FOLKESTONOMY isn t a public art project for the summer season, but would like to become an integral tool and methodology of Folkestones further culturally led regeneration.
FOLKESTONOMY has the intention and capacity to trace and show cultural spaces, production and networks locally and trans-locally, which are and should be an important fact and force in regards to thinking development and change.

The initial proposal three liner

The proposed project sets out to do following:

The recording, visualisation and instrumentalisation of FST as a socio-spatial construct within the context of Folkestone’s culture-lead regeneration.

A cultural space mapping project.

The proposal positions itself within the fields of
Art – Architecture
Public Art – Urban Regeneration
Culture-lead Regeneration– Urban Masterplanning
Cultural Programme – Built Space
Socio-spatial Networks – Physical Structures


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