Andreas Schlieker, who we met during the British Art Show 06, has invited us to submit a proposal for the first Folkestone Triennial.
It's an open brief invitation, which is great! Thank you!

Within the context of public art and regeneration the idea of an "open brief" might be the closest we get to a "non plan" scenario, where experiment is possible and outcomes are by nature unpredictable.

In 1969 the UK based architects Cedric Price, Paul Barker, Peter Hall and Reyner Banham demanded a Non-Plan: an experiment for freedom. It was an anti-planning polemic, which suggested carrying out a Non-Plan test in four districts in the English countryside, where architecture and forms of living could be developed without the controlling forces of planning rules. “ Our essential point was that you should think always very hard before telling other people how they ought to live.”

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